How To Play

Trade Wars is a text based program that requires A telnet program to play. For some reason, Microsoft disabled telnet links in Internet Explorer 7 and later versions. Here are some of the most popular Telnet programs used by players today. If you already have a Telnet program you can connect to the server at SK-TWGS.COM PORT 2002. OR if you have a Telnet app you can Click Here


A free simple to use telnet program.


"The ultimate Trade Wars Helper". Telnet program written for Trade Wars with lots of built in helpers and scripts to make game play easier. 30 Day Free Trial. Cost: $26USD


"The Advanced Helper". This one is used by alot of advanced players and scripters. 30 Day Trial Cost: $80. Trade Wars Players used to be able to get a discount, But I don't know its thats still available.