Ice Tournament

What is the Ice Tournament

The Ice Tournament is an annual tournament played every February. It was started a few years back by Big D. and in 2016 after it missed a year I took it over. The 2016 Ice Tournament was the largest played in the last few years with over 30 active players on six different corps. For more information the 2016 game click here. The 2017 tournament, tho not as big still had alot of action. You can check it out here.The 2018 Tournament is already looking very promising and we hope to continue this game for many years to come.

Game Information

30 Day Game
15,000 Sectors
1500 Turns
5 man Corps.

The Rules of Conduct

1. No duping/Pw Account Sharing

2. No mega corping. This can't Really be inforced so this is more of a honor thing.

3. Sign up on the Classic TW forum is requested but not required. Anyone who shows up on game day will be aloud to play. This is a BYOC/Draft tournament so any one without a Corp can sign up for the draft and be picked for a team.

4. Keep it civil on Fed Comm Game Emails and PMs. Anything I deem and too offensive will result in a 24 hour ban on the 1st offence and banned from the game on the 2nd.(common since should tell you what not to say) .

5. Players have 3 days to enter game. and the end of V2 the game is locked and no replacements will be aloud.

6. No changing Corps after the game is locked. Any player who does will be removed. Players that are playing solo must create a corp by the end of v2.

7. No Buyouts of any kind. Players caught doing soo will be banned from the game.

Tie Breaking Procedures

In the event there is no clear winner after 30 days, A sealed points system will be used to determine the winning corp. This points system will setup by the game OP. and placed in a encrypted file before the game starts.